, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 13-17
Date: 31 Jan 2012

What history tells us XXVII.

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The number of articles published on allostery has rapidly increased in recent years. Since the 1960s, the word ‘allostery’ has always had different meanings. On the one hand, allostery simply describes the conformational changes of proteins (and other macromolecules) following the binding of ligands. On the other hand, allostery may explicitly refer to the theory proposed by Jacques Monod, Jeffries Wyman and Jean-Pierre Changeux in 1965 – also known as the MWC model, or model of the concerted transition (Monod et al.1965). In this model, the allosteric change in conformation of proteins is not directly induced by the interaction of the proteins with their effectors, but results from the displacement of equilibrium between conformational states.

It is the latter vision of allostery that is flourishing at present, but with three significant extensions: the number of structural states is no longer limited to two but to an ensemble; allostery is not characteristic just of oligom ...