, Volume 47, Issue 2, pp 833-844
Date: 19 Jan 2013

Bergmann Glia Function in Granule Cell Migration During Cerebellum Development

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Granule cell migration influences the laminar structure of the cerebellum and thereby affects cerebellum function. Bergmann glia are derived from radial glial cells and aid in granule cell radial migration by providing a scaffold for migration and by mediating interactions between Bergmann glia and granule cells. In this review, we summarize Bergmann glia characteristics and the mechanisms underlying the effect of Bergmann glia on the radial migration of granule neurons in the cerebellum. Furthermore, we will focus our discussion on the important factors involved in glia-mediated radial migration so that we may elucidate the possible mechanistic pathways used by Bergmann glia to influence granule cell migration during cerebellum development.