, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp 343-351
Date: 06 Jul 2011

IL-1β Down-Regulates ADAMTS-13 mRNA Expression in Cells of the Central Nervous System

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ADAMTS-13 is the Von Willebrand factor (vWF) cleaving protease, responsible for the cleavage and down-regulation of the pro-thrombotic properties of ultra large VWF multimers. It is expressed predominantly by the hepatic stellate cells of the liver, but is also found to be expressed in other tissues, including brain. Reduced ADAMTS-13 is associated with a variety of thrombotic microangiopathies. Since the cellular origin and regulation of ADAMTS-13 expression in the brain is unknown, we aimed to investigate this in four different central nervous system (CNS)-derived cell lines, SHSY–5Y (human neuroblastoma), U373 (human astroglioma), CHME-3 (human foetal microglia) and hCMEC/D3 (adult human brain endothelial cells). All cell lines expressed ADAMTS-13 mRNA constitutively with neuroblastoma cells showing the highest expression. Interleukin (IL)-1β down-regulated ADAMTS-13 mRNA expression in astroglioma cells and microglial cells whereas TNF and IL-6 treatment showed no significant differences in ADAMTS-13 mRNA expression in any cell line tested. ADAMTS-13 protein expression was reduced in a dose-dependent manner only in astroglioma cells following stimulation by IL-1β. The ability of IL-1β to significantly reduce ADAMTS-13 mRNA expression in human microglia and astroglioma cells suggests a role in the haemostasis of the local microenvironment under inflammatory conditions. This is the first report of ADAMTS-13 expression in cells of the CNS; however, its function remains to be determined.