, Volume 17, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 1-3
Date: 28 Jul 2012

Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS): What to Do in the First Hour of a Neurological Emergency


Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) is a series of protocols, generated by experienced neurocritical care and emergency physicians that describe key steps when managing a patient within the first hours of a neurological emergency. The protocols are designed to help standardize these important early steps for several reasons: (1) patients will likely experience better outcomes, (2) they provide the essential elements to communicate to receiving physicians a patient’s diagnosis and emergency treatment, (3) this approach forms the foundation for eventual consensus on neurological emergency decisions, and (4) this consensus can inform researchers about the important clinical questions that need resolution to enhance patient care. ENLS is online and free to use. Certification and training in ENLS is hosted by the Neurocritical Care Society. This document introduces the concept of ENLS, reviews the history of its creation, and enumerates future goals as ENLS becomes adopted more widely.