, Volume 9, Issue 2-3, pp 303-304
Date: 09 Feb 2011

DIADEMchallenge.Org: A Compendium of Resources Fostering the Continuous Development of Automated Neuronal Reconstruction

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Concomitant with the publication of this Special Issue of Neuroinformatics, a substantially updated version of the DIADEM web site has been released at http://diademchallenge.org. This web site was originally designed to host the challenge for automating the digital reconstruction of axonal and dendritic morphology (hence the DIADEM acronym). This post-competition version features additional content for continued use as the access point for DIADEM-related material. From the very beginning, one of the spirits of DIADEM has been to share data and resources with the neuroscience research community at large. The resources available from or linked to the DIADEM website constitute a substantial scientific legacy of the 2009/2010 competition. The new content includes finalist algorithms, image stack data, gold standard reconstructions, an updated DIADEM metric, and a retrospective on the competition in text and images. The website continuing intent is to facilitate development of automated re ...