, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 535-538
Date: 18 Nov 2012

Hormonal male contraception: end of a dream or start of a new era?

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Pessimistic perspectives

“Although the principle of hormonal male contraception has been established and the method works, I do not believe that enough men would take hormones over many years”, the current President of the German Society of Andrology, the urologist Wolfgang Weidner, was recently quoted by a German newspaper. He underlined his pessimistic opinion with the fact that none of the 250 abstracts submitted to the 7th European Congress of Andrology 2012 deals with male contraception [1]. An unnamed representative of USAID, which has a long record of supporting male contraception research, was heard saying “This is the kiss of death for hormonal male contraception”, referring to the suspension of the large-scale WHO/CONRAD efficacy trial, and—also referring to this trial—Farid Saad, a research representative of Schering-Bayer which has a long tradition in contraception research and even male contraception research, concluded his talk on “Acceptability of hormonal male contracept ...