Comprehensive Therapy

, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 119–123

Prostate cancer screening

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DOI: 10.1007/s12019-005-0007-9

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Wilson, S.S. Compr Ther (2005) 31: 119. doi:10.1007/s12019-005-0007-9


Prostate cancer is the leading noncutaneous cancer in men of the Western world. Because of its prevalence and ability to cause morbidity and mortality, prostate cancer screening continues to be an important area of focus in health care. This article covers the sensitivity and specificity of prostate-specific antigen and current techniques used to improve the test’s validity, the importance of detecting clinically important cancers with screening, as well as the downward stage migration, decreased disease-specific mortality, and decreased metastases rate seen in patients screened and treated for prostate cancer.

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  1. 1.University of Colorado Anschutz Cancer CenterAurora

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