, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp 285-297
Date: 02 Jun 2012

Biological Drugs: Classic Adverse Effects and New Clinical Evidences

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The last 20 years was characterized by great improvements in the efficacy and tolerability of anticancer therapies. Most of these changes are related to the introduction of targeted drugs, which presents a better activity on the biology of cancer and less toxicity. Nevertheless, the initial enthusiasm was cooled by the emerging evidences of cardiac side effects. The aim of this review is to describe the actual knowledge about the possible cardiotoxicity of targeted drugs. The most important need is the detection of early cardiotoxicity and the evidence of subtle myocardial dysfunction that allows to begin a protective therapy. In our review we analyzed the non invasive imaging techniques to early predict myocardial dysfunction. Echocardiography seems to be the ideal method for her availability, safety and clinical usefulness, in particular the new echocardiographic techniques like speckle tracking.