, Volume 164, Issue 5, pp 604-611
Date: 21 Jan 2011

Cloning of Two Genes (LAT1,2) Encoding Specific l-Arabinose Transporters of the l-Arabinose Fermenting Yeast Ambrosiozyma monospora

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We identified and characterized two genes, LAT1 and LAT2, which encode specific l-arabinose transporters. The genes were identified in the l-arabinose fermenting yeast Ambrosiozyma monospora. The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae had only very low l-arabinose transport activity; however, when LAT1 or LAT2 was expressed, l-arabinose transport was facilitated. When the LAT1 or LAT2 were expressed in an S. cerevisiae mutant where the main hexose transporters were deleted, the l-arabinose transporters could not restore growth on d-glucose, d-fructose, d-mannose or d-galactose. This indicates that these sugars are not transported and suggests that the transporters are specific for l-arabinose.