, Volume 160, Issue 5, pp 1341-1355
Date: 06 May 2009

Alpha-Glucosidase Folding During Urea Denaturation: Enzyme Kinetics and Computational Prediction

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In this study, we investigated structural changes in alpha-glucosidase during urea denaturation. Alpha-glucosidase was inactivated by urea in a dose-dependent manner. The inactivation was a first-order reaction with a monophase process. Urea inhibited alpha-glucosidase in a mixed-type reaction. We found that an increase in the hydrophobic surface of this enzyme induced by urea resulted in aggregation caused by unstable folding intermediates. We also simulated the docking between alpha-glucosidase and urea. The docking simulation suggested that several residues, namely THR9, TRP14, LYS15, THR287, ALA289, ASP338, SER339, and TRP340, interact with urea. Our study provides insights into the alpha-glucosidase unfolding pathway and 3D structure of alpha-glucosidase.

Xue-Qiang Wu and Jun Wang have contributed equally to this study.