Date: 10 Nov 2012

Design and manufacturing of customized surgical devices for mandibular rehabilitation

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In this paper we report the application of CAD/CAM based technologies for the innovative development of customized surgical devices to assist the mandibular rehabilitation in both primary surgery (resection and reconstruction) and secondary surgery (only reconstruction). Design and manufacturing of such customized surgical device are conducted according to the virtual pre-operative planning of the surgeon and with the aim to transferring this planning into the operating theatre. In the case of primary surgery, a cutting guide is developed to assist the resection step while a bone plate is developed to assist the reconstruction step. Instead, in the case of secondary surgery, in addition to the bone plate to support the reconstruction, also a repositioning guide is designed to bring back to the original position the resected stumps according to the original shape of the mandible. Finally, the components of the surgical devices are manufactured by DMLS in alloys suitable for biomedical applications.