, Volume 471, Issue 12, pp 4065-4075
Date: 24 Oct 2013

International Consensus on Periprosthetic Joint Infection: Description of the Consensus Process

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Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI), with all its disastrous consequences, continues to pose a challenge to the orthopaedic community. Practicing orthopaedic surgeons have invested great efforts to implement strategies that may minimize surgical site infection (SSI). While new discoveries in orthopaedic research allow us to answer more questions each year on the basis of high-level evidence, there remain numerous topics—including many important ones—for which the evidence is limited, contradictory, or absent. For these clinical issues, it sometimes is helpful to know whether general consensus on diagnosis or treatment exists among individuals who specialize in these areas.

Toward that end, we convened a meeting of an international panel of experts during 2 days (July 31 and August 1, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The meeting was the penultimate step of a 10-month-long process to generate a set of best practices for management of PJI through engagement of experts in the fiel ...

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