, Volume 471, Issue 8, pp 2666-2667
Date: 13 Jun 2013

CORR Insights®: Can Selective Soft Tissue Release and Cuboid Osteotomy Correct Neglected Clubfoot?

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Where Are We Now?

Congenital clubfoot deformity is a worldwide health problem among musculoskeletal disabilities. The surgical rate for congenital clubfoot is falling because of the efficacy of the Ponseti and French method of treatments. However, the neglected clubfoot remains a problem in resource-poor regions. Despite several international projects in Africa championing early management via Ponseti method, neglected clubfoot continues to be the treatment dilemma in obtaining better functional outcomes.

Using the Ponseti method as an initial approach to treatment, followed by more-limited corrective surgery as needed is certainly a management option for neglected clubfoot. External fixation devices, such as Ilizarov frame or Taylor spatial frame have obtained some popularity. These techniques imply slow distraction and gradual correction. Some orthopaedic surgeons apply Ponseti principles in gradual correction within the external fixation frames. These types of management also depend o ...

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