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, Volume 471, Issue 1, pp 2–3

Editorial: Sharing Some Goals


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Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® has a six-decade history of excellence in orthopaedic publishing. Three legitimate orthopaedic greats – Anthony DePalma, Marshall Urist, and Carl T. Brighton – shaped the journal’s early history. Many more hands are writing CORR’s modern history, including those of the authors who submit manuscripts, the thousands of reviewers and talented editors who make those articles as helpful as possible, and our recently retired Editor-in-Chief, Richard A. Brand MD, who articulated extraordinary standards, then exceeded them.

Surgeons and scientists alike recognize Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® as the source for the high-quality literature that enables us to perform our jobs better. Researchers cited articles from CORR® nearly 30,000 times in 2010 [2], and the journal ranks at or near the top of the list of orthopaedic journals for relevance and impact according to any of a number of key metrics [1], including Eigenfactor, Article Influence Score, Content Factor [1], and others.

Even so, the time of an editorial transition is an opportunity to articulate some goals going forward:
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    We will favor research that helps surgeons take better care of patients, and we will use features and columns to make more of the world of orthopaedics interesting to a larger number of readers. Many of these are coming in the months ahead; in this issue, we introduce three:
    • Editor’s Spotlight/Take Five

      “Editor’s Spotlight” is a monthly feature in which we identify a manuscript of particular interest and offer a brief analysis focusing on why the paper should be of interest even outside the subspecialty. In “Take Five,” we interview an author of the Editor’s Spotlight selection to help us delve a little deeper into the work and the process of discovery.

    • Not The Last Word

      This column explores current pressing issues in our specialty, and will end with several viewpoints on the opinions expressed in the column by other experts on the topic in question.

    • Medicolegal Sidebar

      This section covers the complexities that arise when the worlds of medicine and jurisprudence intersect.

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    We will cast the widest possible net in terms of bringing our specialty to readers. With the goal of attracting submissions from specialties that have, historically, been underrepresented, we have empanelled a world-class roster of Senior Editors from diverse backgrounds, and are in the process of rounding out our team of Deputy Editors to represent the full breadth of our specialty.

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    We will examine and streamline every possible facet of peer review to make it easier to submit manuscripts to CORR®, to make the process more efficient for authors, and to get the most current information into the hands of readers as quickly as possible.


Going forward, I see my role here as serving orthopaedic surgeons, musculoskeletal scientists, and our patients. I hope you will help me do this better by sharing your thoughts about CORR’s content and approaches with me, both candidly and frequently.

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