, Volume 470, Issue 2, pp 327-328
Date: 15 Oct 2011

Papers Presented at the Annual Meetings of the Hip Society 2011: Editorial Comment

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This symposium is composed of selected papers delivered at the Fall 2010 Closed Meeting of the Hip Society in New York, NY, USA, and the Open Scientific Meeting of the Hip Society in conjunction with the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in San Diego, CA, USA. The focus of these meetings was on contemporary topics related to alternative bearing surfaces and novel prosthesis designs for primary hip arthroplasty, complications associated with primary and revision hip arthroplasty, surgical strategies to deal with extensive bone loss during revision surgery, and hip joint-preserving procedures.

With the advent of alternative bearing surfaces, including the use of larger femoral heads, it is hoped implant longevity will be improved and complications such as periprosthetic osteolysis and recurrent dislocation will be mitigated. For metal-on-crosslinked polyethylene, these expectations appear to be true, at least in the intermediate term. The same could be sa

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