Science and Engineering Ethics

, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 503-507

Haunted by the Ghost in the Machine. Commentary on “The Spirituality of Human Consciousness: A Catholic Evaluation of Some Current Neuro-scientific Interpretations”

  • James B. MillerAffiliated withPresbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith Email author 

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Metaphysical and epistemological dualism informs much contemporary discussion of the relationships of science and religion, in particular in relation to the neurosciences and the religious understanding of the human person. This dualism is a foundational artifact of modern culture; however, contemporary scientific research and historical theological scholarship encourage a more holistic view wherein human personhood is most fittingly understood as an emergent phenomenon of, but not simply reducible to, evolutionary and developmental neurobiology.


Dualism Descartes Kant Paleoanthropology Non-reductive physicalism