, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 673-675
Date: 06 Oct 2012

Uninformed Consent: An Offshoot of Illiteracy and Ignorance

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Dear Editor,

The doctor-patient relationship is based on an emotional bond of trust. In the yesteryears, the availability of treatment modalities and cures for a disease or deformity was relatively less. This had given the doctor very few options to exercise in professional practice. To compound the fact, the past patient populace was less aware of medical techniques and therapies. Thus it was the doctors’ sole decision to go ahead with a set of ‘tried therapies’ for evaluation and treatment of a disease process. With the advent of science and technology, modern medicine offers a wide variety of techniques to cure a given ailment. The well-informed patients’ role has become one of the most important aspects in choosing a particular line of treatment. The extended task of a modern doctor is to familiarize the patient to the disease, the likelihood of acquiring it, diagnostic tools, standard treatment, available alternative treatment methods and an overall knowledge of potential risks, si ...