Date: 17 Jun 2014

Sleep Dysfunction and its Management in Parkinson’s Disease

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Opinion statement

Sleep disorders are among the most common non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease (PD). In some cases, symptoms can precede a diagnosis of PD by many years, but otherwise they are commonly encountered during the clinical care of patients. Unfortunately, sleep problems are under-recognized and subsequently inadequately addressed. In our experience, when properly addressed, physicians and patients are quickly aware of the often-debilitating nature of sleep dysfunction. This does not mean that solutions are easily attainable. Sleep in PD is held in a delicate balance, influenced by the disease process, medications, co-morbid symptoms, and a variety of other factors. For this reason, management of sleep in PD often requires an inter-disciplinary approach. Physicians should have an intimate knowledge of the many sleep problems apparent in PD, as well as appreciate the challenge presented by diverse therapeutic options that can both ameliorate and aggravate symptoms.

This article is part of the Topical Collection on Sleep Disorders