, 15:413
Date: 17 Apr 2014

Current Management of Penile Implant Infections, Device Reliability, and Optimizing Cosmetic Outcome

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Penile implants hold a major position in the treatment algorithm for patients with erectile dysfunction who find medications and vacuum erection devices ineffective or unsatisfactory. As with any surgical procedure, adverse events may occur. The infection rate associated with implant placement has been lowered to the range of 1 % or less due to multifactorial improvements including no-touch techniques, the use of antibiotic-coated devices, and improved quality measures in the operating room. Urologists have been proactive in employing techniques and procedures which minimize loss of erectile length, hence enhancing patient satisfaction. Flat reservoirs have been developed and techniques of placing these to avoid problems in the space of Retzius have reduced complication rates as well. Device reliability has improved to the point that penile implants are among the most durable mechanical surgical products that contribute to patient and partner satisfaction, which is by far the greatest among all the treatments of erectile dysfunction.