, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 15-21
Date: 08 Jan 2010

Management of Locally Recurrent Kidney Cancer

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Locally recurrent kidney cancer is an uncommon but complicated problem. Due to the recognition of the importance of renal preservation and an increase in the use of nephron-sparing approaches via surgery or ablation, locally recurrent disease is being encountered with greater frequency. Treatments for locally recurrent kidney cancer include radical nephrectomy, repeat or salvage partial nephrectomy, de novo or repeat ablation, observation, or experimental systemic therapy. Each of these options has its own constellation of risks and benefits. When local recurrence is detected, the majority of renal units may be saved, but this often comes at the expense of higher perioperative complication rates, which rise with the number of previous interventions on the ipsilateral kidney. Extensive preoperative patient counseling is required to properly individualize therapy. Referral to a center of excellence should be considered before attempting repeat or salvage renal surgery.