, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 288-296
Date: 09 Sep 2011

HIV-Related Research in Correctional Populations: Now is the Time

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The incarcerated population has increased to unprecedented levels following the 1970 US declaration of war on illicit drug use. A substantial proportion of people with or at risk for HIV infection, including those with substance use and mental health disorders, have become incarcerated. The overlapping epidemics of incarceration and HIV present a need for academic medical centers to collaborate with the criminal justice system to improve the health of incarcerated populations. With coordinated collaboration and new programmatic initiatives it is possible to reduce HIV-associated risk behaviors and the likelihood of acquisition and transmission of HIV. Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR), funded by the National Institutes of Health, have proactively responded to this need through Collaboration on HIV in Corrections (CHIC) to improve the diagnosis, treatment, linkage to care, and prevention of HIV. This collaboration serves as a model for aligning academic expertise with criminal justice to confront this challenge to individual and public health. This is especially relevant given recent evidence of the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy in reducing HIV transmission (Cohen et al. N Engl J Med 365(6):493–505, 2011).

CFAR-CHIC working group members and affiliations

Judith Aberg, MD (NYU), Julie Adams (Duke), Frances Aunon (Duke), Sameena Azhar, MSW, MPH (UCSF), David Bebinger, MD (UMass), Kim Blankenship, PhD (Duke), Amy Boutwell, MD (Harvard), Brad Brockmann, JD (Brown), Laurence Brown, MD (Brown), Douglas Bruce, MD, MA, MSc (Yale), Christopher Cannon, MPH (Yale), Holly Cassell, MPH (Vanderbilt), Charles Carpenter, MD (Brown), Jennifer Clarke, MD (Brown), Myron Cohen, MD (UNC), Megan Comfort, PhD (UCSF), Karen Cropsey, PsyD (UAB), Michael Costa (Abt Associates), Gabriel Culbert, RN, BSN (UIC), William Cunningham, MD, MPH (UCLA), Jennifer Daly, MD (UMass), Richard D’Aquila, MD (Vanderbilt), Raul Davaro, MD (UMass), Nancy DeSousa, MPH (Emory), Andrew Desruisseau, MD (Meharry Medical College), Stephen Dewhurst, PhD (University of Rochester), Samuel Dickman, AB (Brown), Ralph Diclemente, PhD (Emory), Geri Donenberg, PhD (UIC), Jeff Draine, PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Dora Dumont, PhD, MPH (Brown), Warren Ferguson, MD (UMass), Michael Fine, MD (RI DOC), Margaret Fischl, MD (University of Miami), Patrick Flynn, PhD (TCU), Peter Friedmann, MD, MPH (Brown), Becky Genberg, PhD (Brown), Toorjo Ghose, MSW, PhD (UPenn), Thomas P. Giordano, MD, MPH (Baylor), Carol Golin, MD (UNC), Michael Gordon, DPH (Friends Research), Traci Green, PhD (Brown), Richard M. Grimes, PhD (Baylor/UT Houston), Kimberly Hagen, MeD, EdD (Emory), Connie Haley, MD, MPH (Vanderbilt), Theodore Hammett, PhD (Abt Associates), Clemens Hong, MD (Harvard), Diana Huang, PhD (Rush), Martin Iguchi, PhD (UCLA/RAND), Michael Keefer, MD (University of Rochester), Arthur Kim, MD (Harvard), Seijoung Kim, PhD (UIC), Timothy Kinlock, PhD (Friends Research), Kevin Knight, PhD (TCU), P. Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH (OHSU), Christopher Krebs, PhD (RTI International), Alexander Kral, PhD (UCSF), Sonali Kulkarni, MD, MPH (UCLA), Irene Kuo, MPH, PhD (George Washington), Ann Kurth, PhD, CNM (NYU), Teaniese Latham, MPH, (Emory), Daniel Lee, MD (UCSD), Joshua Lee, MD, MSc (NYU), Jennifer Lorvick, MPH (RTI International), Paula Lum, MD, MPH (UCSF), Karen Lyda, LCSW, MS, NP (University of Colorado Denver), Thomas Lyons, PhD (UIC), Mark Malek, MD, MPH (LASD), Eileen Martin, PhD (UIC), Rosemarie Martin, PhD (Brown), Christopher Mathews, MD, MSPH (UCSD), Barbara McGovern, MD (Tufts), Michelle McKenzie, MPH (Brown), Jennifer McNeely, MD, MS (NYU), Gerald Melnick, PhD (NDRI), Lisa Metsch, PhD (University of Miami), Jennifer Mitty, MD, MPH (Harvard), Brian Montague, DO (Brown), Michael Mugavero, MD, MHSc (UAB), Janet Myers, PhD, MPH (UCSF), Ank Nijhawan, MD, MPH (Harvard), Amy Nunn, ScD (Brown), David Ostrow, MD, PhD (University of Chicago), Lawrence Ouellet, PhD (UIC), David Paar, MD (UTMB), Wilson R. Palacios, PhD (University of South Florida), James Peterson, PhD (GWU), Steven Pinkerton, MD (MCW), Robin Pollini, PhD, MPH (UCSD), Michael Puisis, DO (Cermak Health Services), Han-zhu Qian, MD, PhD (Vanderbilt), Vu Minh Quan, MD (Johns Hopkins), David Rosen, PhD (UNC), Michael W. Ross, PhD, MA, MS (University of Texas), Monica Ruiz, PhD, MPH (GWU), Jennifer Sayles, MD, MPH (LA County Department of Public Health), Joseph Schumacher, PhD (UAB), David Wyatt Seal, PhD (Medical College of Wisconsin), Jane Simoni, PhD (UW), Liza Solomon, PhD (Abt Associates), James Sosman, MD (University of Wisconsin), Lara Strick, MD, MSc (University of Washington), David Stone, MD (Tufts), Patrick Sullivan, PhD (Emory), Faye Taxman, PhD (George Mason), Lynn E. Taylor, MD (Brown), Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD (Brown), Jacqueline Tulsky, MD (UCSF), Homer Venters, MD, MS (NYU), Sten Vermund, PhD (Vanderbilt), Sarah Wakeman, MD (Harvard), Emily Wang, MD, MAS (Yale), Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH (Tennessee Department of Health), Ryan Westergaard, MD (Johns Hopkins), Becky L. White, MD, MPH (UNC), Chyvette Williams, PhD (UIC), Gina Wingood (Emory), Samantha Yard (UW), Jeremy D. Young, MD, MPH (UIC), Barry Zack, MPH (Bridging Group), Nickolas Zaller, PhD (Brown), Chad Zawitz, MD (Cook County Jail)