Treatment of the extraintestinal manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease

  • Charles N. Bernstein

DOI: 10.1007/s11894-002-0028-9

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Bernstein, C.N. Curr Gastroenterol Rep (2002) 4: 513. doi:10.1007/s11894-002-0028-9


There is a paucity of randomized, controlled therapy studies of the extraintestinal manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Most current therapeutic approaches are empiric or based on approaches to therapy in other settings. In the past year anecdotal evidence has emerged for the use of therapies that neutralize tumor necrosis factor-α in both ankylosing spondylitis and the dermatologic extraintestinal manifestations. Topical tacrolimus has also emerged as a potentially useful therapy for dermatologic manifestations. Finally, patients with IBD occasionally become transplant recipients. One study reported worsening IBD after orthotopic liver transplantation for primary sclerosing cholangitis, and another reported the benefit of renal transplantation in amyloidosis-induced renal failure.

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  1. 1.Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical and Research CentreUniversity of Manitoba, John Buhler Research CentreWinnipegCanada

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