, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp 423-429

The pivotal role of offloading in the management of neuropathic foot ulceration

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Lower extremity amputations among persons with diabetes are generally preceded by neuropathic foot ulcerations. Healing of diabetic ulcerations in a timely manner is of central importance in any plan for amputation prevention. With sufficient vascular supply, appropriate débridement, and infection control, the primary mode of healing a diabetic neuropathic foot ulcer is pressure dispersion. The total contact cast has been deemed by many to be the gold standard in offloading; however, modification of a standard removable cast walker to ensure patient compliance may be as efficacious in healing diabetic foot ulcers as the total contact cast. Combining an effective, easy to use offloading device that ensures patient compliance with advanced wound healing modalities may form a formidable team in healing ulcers and potentially averting lower limb amputations.