, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp 91-102

Individualized chemotherapy based on genetic and genomic profiling

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The treatment of colorectal cancer has evolved over the past few years to multidrug therapy including 5-fluouracil (5-FU), irinotecan (CPT-11), and oxaliplatin combination regimens. The addition of novel agents such as bevacizumab and cetuximab has added to the efficacy of chemotherapy in this disease. Identification of molecular determinants of 5-FU, irinotecan, and oxaliplatin efficacy and toxicity is of critical importance for the development of more efficient and less toxic treatment strategies for patients with colon cancer. Markers have been identified that may predict response, survival and toxicity to 5-FU, CPT-11, and platinum-based chemotherapy in patients with advanced colorectal cancer. This review explores these markers as well as potential new markers that have been identified for irinotecan and targeted therapy.