, 16:468
Date: 02 Mar 2014

The Practical Role of Echocardiography in Selection, Implantation, and Management of Patients Requiring LVAD Therapy

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Viable treatment options for advanced heart failure have not emerged as the number of people afflicted with this condition has grown. Although heart transplantation is the only curative strategy for patients with end-stage heart failure, the relative shortage of donors has led to a worldwide plateau of this option over the past 20 years. The result is an unacceptably high mortality rate among patients with advanced heart failure. Interest in developing alternative curative strategies based on chronic circulatory support, with the aim of prolonging and improving quality of life for these patients, has grown. Patients supported with left ventricular assist devices require structured longitudinal care from a team of providers. An integrated approach using basic echocardiography is critical to patient selection, implantation, and continued surveillance and success of patients with left ventricular assist devices.