New Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease (K Mahaffey, Section Editor)

Current Cardiology Reports

, 15:329

Novel Pharmacologic Therapies in Development for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure

  • Justin A. EzekowitzAffiliated withMazankowski Alberta Heart InstituteUniversity of Alberta Email author 

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Acute heart failure is a public health issue with morbidity and mortality exceeding that of myocardial infarction. Novel compounds for the treatment of acute heart failure are clearly needed and fall into the general categories of inotropic, vasodilatory and other compounds in phase I to III of development. Furthest along are omecamtiv mecarbil (a cardiac myosin activator), ularitide (a natriuretic and diuretic peptide) and relaxin (a vasodilator). Each compound has a unique set of assets and liabilities that will aid in the understanding of the syndrome and application to the right patients at the right time in this heterogeneous syndrome. This review will explore current and future novel pharmacologic therapies for the treatment of acute heart failure.


Acute decompensated heart failure Clinical trials Pharmacologic therapy