Current Allergy and Asthma Reports

, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 85-90

Racial Disparities in Pediatric Asthma: A Review of the Literature

  • Tanisha D. HillAffiliated withGeorgia Pediatric Pulmonology Associates Email author 
  • , LeRoy M. GrahamAffiliated withGeorgia Pediatric Pulmonology Associates
  • , Varada DivgiAffiliated withGeorgia Pediatric Pulmonology Associates

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The burden of asthma disproportionately affects children living in economically disadvantaged urban communities. The relationships between ethnicity, genetic differences, lower socioeconomic status, poor medication adherence, greater exposure to environmental triggers, and absence of regular asthma care all contribute to this disparity. This review aims to identify and discuss recent studies on additional factors that may also impact to pediatric asthma disparity. The body of work examined in this review suggests that these disparities are the result of gene–environment interactions, vitamin D metabolism, socioeconomic status, urban environment, healthcare setting, and associated health beliefs.


Asthma Pediatrics Pulmonology Disparity Disparities Race Racial Ethnic Ethnicity Urban Rural Inner city Children Adherence Minority Socioeconomic African American Hispanic