Journal d'Analyse Mathématique

, Volume 103, Issue 1, pp 197-219

First online:

Interpolation and harmonic majorants in big Hardy-Orlicz spaces

  • Andreas HartmannAffiliated withLaboratoire Bordelais d’Analyse et Géométrie, Université Bordeaux I Email author 

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Free interpolation in Hardy spaces is characterized by the well-known Carleson condition. The result extends to Hardy-Orlicz spaces contained in the scale of classical Hardy spaces H p, p > 0. For the Smirnov and the Nevanlinna classes, interpolating sequences have been characterized in a recent paper in terms of the existence of harmonic majorants (quasi-bounded in the case of the Smirnov class). Since the Smirnov class can be regarded as the union over all Hardy-Orlicz spaces associated with a so-called strongly convex function, it is natural to ask how the condition changes from the Carleson condition in classical Hardy spaces to harmonic majorants in the Smirnov class. The aim of this paper is to narrow down this gap from the Smirnov class to “big” Hardy-Orlicz spaces. More precisely, we characterize interpolating sequences for a class of Hardy-Orlicz spaces that carry an algebraic structure and are strictly bigger than ⋃ p>0 H p . It turns out that the interpolating sequences are again characterized by the existence of quasi-bounded majorants, but now the functions defining these quasi-bounded majorants have to be in suitable Orlicz spaces. The existence of harmonic majorants defined by functions in such Orlicz spaces is also discussed in the general situation. We finish the paper with a class of examples of separated Blaschke sequences which are interpolating for certain Hardy-Orlicz spaces without being interpolating for slightly smaller ones.