, Volume 180, Issue 2, p 619
Date: 12 Dec 2010

Evaluation of carcinoid heart disease using delayed enhancement imaging

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We read with interest the case report by Martos et al. [1] entitled “Cardiac carcinoid: tricuspid delayed hyperenhancement on cardiac 64-slice multidetector CT and magnetic resonance imaging”, published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science. Imaging characteristics of this rare disorder can be found in the literature; especially those features obtained using echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The main morphological characteristics of the disease are thickening and restricted mobility of the tricuspid leaflets and subvalvular apparatus with consequent tricuspid stenosis and insufficiency. Although Martos et al. [2, 3] cite papers where characteristics of tricuspid-delayed enhancement were previously described, after careful reading we did not find any of them in the cited articles.

Delayed-MRI enhancement can delineate zones of fibrous tissue 10–30 min after intravenous administration of gadolinium chelate contrast agent [4]. Similar depiction of scar and fibrous ti ...