, Volume 51, Issue 4, pp 561-569
Date: 17 Oct 2012

Max Charlesworth: A Philosopher in the World

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Born in 1925, Max Charlesworth has spent seven decades in philosophy and religion in which he has spanned a wide variety of interests in both breadth and depth. He has had longstanding involvement with philosophy of religion, bioethics, social studies in science, European philosophy, aboriginal religions, the role of the Church and the liberal democratic state, and the structure of the Catholic Church. Max has not seen philosophy so much as a technical pursuit as a way of being and a way to understand and communicate with the wider society about the ‘big questions’ in an admirably clear and distinct fashion. Education has been a primary focus both in extending the role of the university and going beyond it in reaching out not only to other disciplines but also to the general population. For Max philosophy is an activity and is at its best when applied in the world. The pluralist ‘broad Church’ approach to philosophy, religion and how we can best live together in a liberal democratic so ...