, Volume 50, Issue 1, pp 233-234
Date: 05 Mar 2011

Review of Richard Rorty, An Ethics for Today: Finding Common Ground between Philosophy and Religion

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This short book contains four authors. The highlighted author is Richard Rorty, who died in 2007 before the English language publication of this book, which originally appeared in Italian. The other three authors are Jeffrey Robbins, Gianni Vattimo, and G. Elijah Dann, all of whom are admirers of Rorty’s overall project and of its implications for religion.

The selection from Rorty is primarily about his disagreement with Pope Benedict XVI, a.k.a., the theologian Joseph Ratzinger, whom he sees as a ‘fundamentalist’. By this designation, Rorty does not mean to ridicule. What he means by fundamentalism is that ideals are valid only when grounded in reality, such that nonreligious ethicists (e.g., Richard Dawkins and the other ‘new atheists’) are fundamentalists, too. In contrast, Rorty declares himself to be a ‘relativist’, by which he means that he denies fundamentalism.

Those who are interested in either ‘fundamentalism’ or ‘relativism’ will find this little book fascinating, although th ...