, Volume 64, Issue 2, pp 323-329

A356 Reinforced with Nanoparticles: Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Properties

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Commercial casting Al-Si (A356)-based composites reinforced with different volume fractions of alumina (Al2O3) nanoparticulates (average particle size 50 nm) were synthesized in this study. Particle distribution, hardness, and tensile properties in the as-cast condition were experimentally investigated. The A356 alloy composite showed an increase in hardness, elastic modulus, and tensile strength compared with monolithic alloys. Finally, a combination of an artificial neural network and the finite element method (FEM) was implemented to predict the microstructure and mechanical properties including grain size, length of silicon rods, amount of porosity, hardness, tensile yield stress, ultimate tensile stress, and elongation percentage.