, Volume 63, Issue 4, pp 34-41
Date: 20 Apr 2011

Microstructure informatics using higher-order statistics and efficient data-mining protocols

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Microstructure informatics is a critical building block of the integrated computational materials engineering infrastructure. Accelerated design and development of new advanced materials and their successful insertion in engineering practice are largely hindered by the lack of a rigorous mathematical framework for the robust generation of microstructure informatics relevant to the specific application. This paper describes a set of computational protocols that are capable of accelerating significantly the process of building the needed microstructure informatics for a targeted application. These novel protocols have several advantages over the current practice in the field: they allow archival, real-time searches, and quantitative comparisons of different instantiations within large microstructure datasets; they allow for automatic identification and extraction of microstructure features or metrics of interest from very large datasets; they allow for establishment of reliable microstructure-property correlations using objective measures of microstructure; and they provide precise quantitative insights on how the local neighborhood influences the localization of macroscale loading and/or the local evolution of microstructure leading to development of robust, scale-bridging, microstructure-property-processing linkages.