, Volume 56, Issue 8, pp 14–17

Energy implications of the changing world of aluminum metal supply


  • Subodh K. Das
  • W. Jerry LongIII
  • H. Wayne Hayden
    • MMPACT
  • John A. S. Green
  • Warren H. HuntJr.
    • TMS
Overview Aluminum Recycling

DOI: 10.1007/s11837-004-0175-6

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Das, S.K., Long, W.J., Hayden, H.W. et al. JOM (2004) 56: 14. doi:10.1007/s11837-004-0175-6


Driven primarily by energy considerations, there has been a major change in the geographical distribution of primary aluminum production over the past few decades, even as the energy efficiency of the process has been improved. Meanwhile, in the United States, production of aluminum from secondary sources increased nearly ten-fold. This paper discusses past and projected future trends, emphasizing the changes in energy savings potential as the industry comes to rely more on remelting and less on primary production.

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