, Volume 55, Issue 11, pp 46-51

Improving the strength and ductility of magnesium die-casting alloys via rare-earth addition

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The development of new die-casting alloys is a multifaceted task, where success depends upon the ability to control a chain of properties, and where the weakest link determines the outcome. Optimizing one property by alloying often comes at the expense of one or more other properties. A typical example is yield strength vs. ductility. In developing alloys for high-pressure die casting, the peculiar aspects of the process must be considered. High injection speeds, high metal pressures, and the lack of efficient thermal barriers lead to extremely high cooling rates. This makes high-pressure die casting unique since the resulting refined microstructure provides excellent mechanical properties. In this article, the influence of alloy composition on mechanical properties is investigated, with special emphasis on strength and ductility.

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