, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 33-44
Date: 07 Feb 2013

Non-Newtonian power-law flow across a confined triangular bluff body in a channel

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Wall effects on the flow of incompressible non-Newtonian power-law fluids across an equilateral triangular cylinder confined in a horizontal plane channel have been investigated for the range of conditions: Reynolds number, Re=1–40, power-law index, n=0.4–1.8 (covering shear-thinning, Newtonian and shear-thickening behaviors) and blockage ratio=0.125–0.5. Extensive numerical results on flow pattern, wake/recirculation length, individual and overall drag coefficients, variation of pressure coefficient on the surface of the triangular cylinder and so forth are reported to elucidate the combined effect of power-law index, blockage ratio and Reynolds number. The size of vortices decreases with an increase in the value of the blockage ratio and/or power-law index. For a fixed value of the Reynolds number, individual and overall drags decrease with decrease in power-law index and/or blockage ratio in steady confined flow regime. Simple correlations of wake length and drag are also obtained for the range of settings considered.