, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 315-322
Date: 31 Jan 2011

Solid forms of pharmaceuticals: Polymorphs, salts and cocrystals

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Control and selection of the properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients is a crucial part of the drug development process. One major part of this process is the selection of an appropriate solid form. This review will discuss three major types of crystalline solids, polymorphs, salts and cocrystals and processes used to develop and find these forms.

Allan S. Myerson is Professor of the Practice of Chemical Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor Myerson was educated at Columbia University (BS) the University of Virginia (MS and PhD). Professor Myerson research focuses on separations processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with an emphasis on crystallization from solution. Professor Myerson is a co-PI in the, Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing. He has published 5 books including the “Handbook of Industrial Crystallization” 158 papers and is the inventor on 32 US patents. Professor Myerson has consulted for approximately 100 companies worldwide and was honored in 2008 with the American Chemical Society Award in Separations Science and Technology.