, Volume 1, Issue 3-4, pp 205-234
Date: 18 Jun 2008

Full algebra of generalized functions and non-standard asymptotic analysis

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We construct an algebra of generalized functions endowed with a canonical embedding of the space of Schwartz distributions.We offer a solution to the problem of multiplication of Schwartz distributions similar to but different from Colombeau’s solution.We show that the set of scalars of our algebra is an algebraically closed field unlike its counterpart in Colombeau theory, which is a ring with zero divisors. We prove a Hahn–Banach extension principle which does not hold in Colombeau theory. We establish a connection between our theory with non-standard analysis and thus answer, although indirectly, a question raised by Colombeau. This article provides a bridge between Colombeau theory of generalized functions and non-standard analysis.

T. D. Todorov and H. Vernaeve were partly supported by START-project Y237 of the Austrian Science Fund. The second author was also supported by research grant M949 of Austrian Science Fund.