, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 58-61
Date: 19 Jun 2008

Experimental research on friction-reduction with super-hydrophobic surfaces

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Many recent studies have confirmed the existence of liquid slip over particular types of solid surfaces, and these so-called super-hydrophobic surfaces have been shown to generate effective liquid slip because of the air trapped between the surface structures. In this paper, based on boundary layer theory, the microscopic structure of the super-hydrophobic surface is analyzed. The liquid slip effect on friction-reduction over super-hydrophobic surfaces under various flow conditions is investigated by experiments with a flume and water tunnel. The experimental results show that the greatest amount of drag-reduction that can be achieved is 8.76% at a low Re.

ZHAO Jia-peng was born in 1981. He is a doctoral student at Northwestern Polytechnical University. His current research interests include multidisciplinary optimization design and its application in underwater vehicles.
SHI Xiu-hua was born in 1945. She is a Professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Doctoral Supervisors. Her main research area is research on underwater weapons.