Date: 13 Feb 2010

Characteristic analysis of magnetorheological fluid based on different carriers

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In order to prepare special MRFs to satisfy the demands of tracked vehicle, two different carrier fluids were used to prepare MRFs. Preparation of MRF, which are based on carrier of special shock absorption fluid and 45# transformer oil, was finished. And characteristics of these samples were tested and analyzed. The results show that Tween-80 and Span-80 can improve the sedimentary stability, and the larger mass fraction can also increase the sedimentary stability. Using 45# transformer oil instead of special shock absorption fluid as a carrier of MRF, the shear yield stress remains nearly constant but the viscosity and the sedimentary stability are reduced. The MRF with diameter of 2.73 μm shows better sedimentary stability than that of the MRF with diameter of 2.30 μm, or 4.02 μm. Stearic acid obviously improves sedimentary stability and off-state viscosity, but has no function on the shear yield stress. In magnetic field of 237 kA/m, the shear yield stress of MRF based on special shock absorption fluid is 18.34 kPa and the shear yield stress of MRF based on 45# transformer oil is 14.26 kPa.