, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 151-168
Date: 04 Jul 2012

Context data management: an architectural framework for context-aware services

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Mobile devices are equipped with increasing processing power and sensing capabilities, and mobile services can benefit from these features to provide a more personalized and context-aware experience to final users. To efficiently collect and deliver context information, a proper architecture is required, where heterogeneous context information can be processed to provide higher-level context information, context data are represented uniformly, and applications can process context data with high-level queries. This paper fulfils this goal of interoperability and domain independence by defining a framework for context data management relying on open standards (XMPP and REST), acting as an enabler for third-party context-aware applications; other main novelties of our work are the definition of a ContextML for standard context data representation, and a Context Query Language (CQL) to access context information based on high-level data filtering.