, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 262-264
Date: 04 May 2013

Comments on: Multicriteria decision systems for financial problems

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The authors present quite a complete and exhaustive literature review of the existing models and the most recent developments related to the financial portfolio selection and the corporate performance evaluation. They showed how different Multi-Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA) techniques have been applied to the field of Financial Management and Multi-Attribute Financial Portfolio Selection. The authors highlighted the contributions of the MCDA to the financial decision-making process. They made a good link between Finance and Operational Research disciplines. The survey discusses some interesting issues and challenges that the researcher within multi-attributes financial portfolio management may face and should address.

The goal and the main contribution of the paper are clearly identified and presented by the authors. The authors have reviewed 147 papers published in the field since Markowitz (1952) presented the bi-criteria portfolio selection model. In this note, I will focus on the mul ...