, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 102-119
Date: 20 Aug 2011

Marketing and business performance

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Academics and managers have struggled for many years to understand and delineate the role of marketing in explaining business performance differences between firms. Most of the theory base for any such attempts has to be informed by strategic management theory, since the primary question that strategic management seeks to answer is why some firms outperform others over time. This paper synthesizes three major streams of thought in strategic management with the empirical and theoretical literature on strategic marketing to develop an integrative theory-based conceptual framework linking marketing with firms’ business performance.


Doug Vorhies contributed to much of the thinking represented in this paper—a version of which we set out to write together more than a decade ago but never got time to drive to completion in the face of competing projects. Naturally, all errors in the present paper remain mine alone. The author also gratefully acknowledges insightful comments and suggestions in the development of this paper from Costas Katsikeas and Lopo Rego, and the JAMS Editor (Tomas Hult) for his helpful feedback.