Thermal analysis of isothermal crystallization kinetics in blends of cocoa butter with milk fat or milk fat fractions

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The kinetics of isothermal crystallization of binary mixtures of cocoa butter with milk fat and milk fat fractions were evaluated by applying the Avrami equation. Application of the Avrami equation to isothermal crystallization of the fats and the binary fat blends revealed different nucleation and growth mechanisms for the fats, based on the Avrami exponent. The suggested mechanism for cocoa butter crystallization was heterogeneous nucleation and spherulitic growth from sporadic nuclei. For milk fat, the mechanism was instantaneous heterogeneous nucleation followed by spherulitic growth. For milk fat fractions, the mechanism was high nucleation rate at the beginning of crystallization, which decreased with time, and plate-like growth. Addition of milk fat fractions did not cause a significant change in the suggested nucleation and growth mechanism of cocoa butter.