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Marine lipid-based liposomes increase in vivo FA bioavailability


DOI: 10.1007/s11745-003-1341-0

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Cansell, M., Nacka, F. & Combe, N. Lipids (2003) 38: 551. doi:10.1007/s11745-003-1341-0


Liposomes made from an extract of natural marine lipids and containing a high n-3 PUFA lipid ratio were envisaged as oral route vectors for FA supplements in order to increase PUFA bioavailability. The absorption of FA in thoracic lymph duct-cannulated rats, after intragastric feeding of dietary fats in the form of liposomes or fish oil, was compared. Lipid and FA analyses were also performed on feces. Five mole percent α-tocopherol was added to fish oil and incorporated into the liposome membrane. The influence of α-tocopherol on FA lymph recovery was also investigated. In vivo, FA absorption in rats was favored by liposomes (98±1%) compared to fish oil (73±6%). In the same way, the DHA proportion in lymph was higher after liposome ingestion (78%) than after fish oil ingestion (47%). However, phospholipid (PL) concentration in lymph was not affected by the kind of dietary fat ingested, suggesting a PL regulation due to de novo TAG synthesis. The influence of the intramolecular distribution of n-3 PUFA in dietary lipids (TAG and PL) on the intramolecular FA distribution in TAG of chylomicrons was also investigated. The results obtained showed that the distribution of n-3 PUFA esterified on the sn-2 of chylomicron TAG depended on the lipid source administered. All these results correlated, at least partly, with in vitro liposome behavior under conditions that mimic those of the gastrointestinal tract. As a whole, this study pointed out that marine PL may constitute an attractive material for the development of liposomes as oral PUFA supplements.



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