, Volume 7, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 33-34
Date: 16 Apr 2011

Early subcortical ischemic infarction and delayed leucoencephalopathy after carbon monoxide poisoning

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Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is a major cause of death following attempted suicide, as well as accidental and non-accidental exposures [1]. Although clinical presentation depends on the duration and the intensity of exposure, the assessment of the severity of intoxication is difficult, since most severely affected patients present in a comatose state. Presence of coma on arrival at the hospital generally indicates an extensive exposure. Consciousness is frequently regained after removal from the scene along with normobaric oxygen administration. A small percentage of patients, who show complete initial recovery may develop delayed neurological deficits, predominantly as neuropsychiatric and behavioral features.Neuroimaging findings in CO poisoning may result in early, as well as delayed changes. We describe the early and late clinical course and serial neuroimaging findings in a patient after CO poisoning.

A 42-year-old Chinese man was brought to the hospital after being found unconsc ...