, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 51-54
Date: 01 Feb 2011

Mistakes in application of tuina therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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To analyze the mistakes in the application of tuina therapy in the rehabilitation of stroke, in order to elevate the clinical effects in the treatment of stroke by tuina.


The issues are found out by searching and analyzing the relevant articles on tuina treatment of stroke.


In the tuina treatment of stroke, mistakes exist in the intervening time of the treatment, in the emphasis of tuina with negligence of rehabilitation, in the assessment of therapeutic effects, in the selection of the manual techniques and acupoints, and in the negligence of health education.


In the tuina treatment of stroke, it is advisable to start treatment in the early stages, use the manual techniques in different phases, to cooperate with rehabilitation at the proper time and to emphasize health education, in order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of misuse syndrome, and eliminate the appearance of disuse syndrome, for displaying the unique advantage of tuina therapy fully and promoting the innovation and development of TCM rehabilitative techniques.



分析既往推拿疗法在中风病康复中的应用误区, 以提高推拿治疗中风病的临床疗效。

方 法

通过查阅、 分析推拿治疗中风病的相关文献, 发现问题。


推拿治疗中风病存在治疗介入时间误区、 重推拿轻康复误区、 疗效评价标准误区、 手法经穴选择误区以及忽视健康教育误区。


推拿治疗中风病宜早期介入, 分期运用手法, 适时配合康复, 重视健康教育, 从而避免或减轻误用综合征发生, 杜绝废用综合征的出现, 才能更好地发挥推拿疗法的独特优势, 推进中医康复技术创新与发展。