, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 80-83
Date: 16 Apr 2009

Clinical research of ulcerative colitis treated with herbal cake-partitioned moxibustion

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观察隔药灸、 隔麸灸对溃疡性结肠炎(UC)患者症状的改善作用和对结肠黏膜TNF-α及其受体的影响。


将67 例UC患者随机分为隔药灸组(35 例)和隔麸灸组(32 例), 对比观察两组患者症状的改善情况, 并采用免疫组织化学法观察两组结肠黏膜TNF-α及其受体的变化。


隔药灸组在腹泻、 矢气、 神疲乏力、 里急后重、 腰酸症状的改善方面优于隔麸灸组; 隔药灸组结肠黏膜TNF-α、 TNF-αR1、 TNF-αR2 的表达均较治疗前显著下降, 隔麸灸组仅见TNF-αR1 较治疗前显著下降。


艾灸对UC患者各项症状均有较好的改善作用, 在腹泻、 矢气等部分症状的改善方面, 隔药灸优于隔麸灸; 隔药灸能够下调结肠黏膜TNF-α、 TNF-αR1、 TNF-αR2 的表达, 隔麸灸仅能下调TNF-αR1的表达。



To observe the effects of herbal cake-partitioned moxibustion and bran-partition moxibustion in improving symptoms of ulcerative colitis (UC) and the TNF-α and its receptor of colon mucosa.


67 UC cases were randomly allocated into herbal cake-partition moxibustion group of 35 cases and bran-partitioned moxibustion group of 32 cases, to compare the improvement and detect the TNF-α and its receptor with immuno-histochemical method in both groups.


Herbal cake-partitioned moxibustion is prior to bran-partitioned moxibustion in improving of diarrhea, flatus, lassitude, tenesmus and lumbar soreness; The expression of TNF-α,TNF-αR1, and TNF-αR2 are significantly decreased after treatment in herbal cake-partitioned moxibustion group, while in bran-partitioned moxibustion group only TNF-αR1 expression is significant decreased after treatment.


Moxibustion can well improve the syndromes of UC, Herbal cake-partitioned Moxibustion is prior to bran-partitioned moxibustion in the improvement of diarrhea and flatus; Herbal cake-partitioned moxibustion could down-regulate the expression of TNF-α,TNF-αR1, and TNF-αR2, while bran-partitioned moxibustion could only down-regulate the expression of TNF-αR1.