, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 379-384
Date: 09 Nov 2012

Application of an efficient stochastic calculation method on the seismic analysis of an isolated structure

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An isolated structure often possesses distinct non-proportional damping characteristics. However, traditional seismic calculation theory and methods are derived based on the assumption that damping is proportional. Based on this drawback, a new, more efficient stochastic calculation method, an improvement on the pseudo-excitation method, is introduced. This method is then applied to the seismic analysis of an isolated structure. By comparing it with the forced decoupling, matrix inversion and iteration methods, it is shown that the presented method can produce accurate results while increasing the efficiency of the stochastic analysis. Moreover, the calculation process of the seismic response of an isolated structure is convergent. Based on the results of the example presented in this paper, the given method is applicable to the seismic analysis of an isolated structure and can be utilized in practice.