, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 206-210
Date: 14 Jan 2009

Photocatalytic degradation of omethoate using NaY zeolite-supported TiO2

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The degradation of omethoate was conducted using H2O2 as oxidant, TiO2 supported on NaY zeolite as photocatalyst and a 300W lamp as light source. The effect of the calcination temperature of the photocatalyst, the amount of TiO2 loaded on NaY zeolite, the photocatalyst amount, the pH value and the radiation time on the degradation ratio of omethoate were investigated. The results show that TiO2/NaY zeolite photocatalyst prepared by sol-gel method had good photocatalysis. The photocatalytic optimum oxidation conditions of omethoate are as follows: the calcination temperature of the photocatalyst is 550°C,the amount of TiO2 loaded on NaY zeolite is 35.2 wt-%, the amount of photocatalyst is 5 g/L, pH = 8 and the radiation time is 180 min. Under these conditions, the removal ratio of omethoate is up to 93%.